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Clothing Retailer – Increased Sales by $80K/month YOY

After showing a $30,000/month drop in sales year over year, a major retail clothing company increased sales by $80,000/month.

About This E-commerce Retailer

After a $30,000/month drop in online sales, we created an SEO road map that helped this major clothing retailer increase sales by more than $80,000 per month on year-over-year revenue numbers.

Our Role

We were hired to determine the reason revenues went down so sharply and devise a strategy to help increase sales. Our team performed a technical audit of the website and found many errors preventing the retailer’s products from being shown highly in SERP’s and in addition, many technical issues creating low click-thru rates and poor conversions. Upon implementation of our SEO strategy, we were able to help this major e-commerce client increase revenues by an astounding $80,000 per month.


The retailer sent an email to our team which was short… it simply said, “Wow!”

We would be happy to share more information on this client’s SEO success – and many others! In order to protect the privacy of our clients we only share this information in a one-on-one setting.

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