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Apr 27, 2016, by admin 3 Easy SEO Tips

Social Media

Make sure your address is posted on your website and on as many social media sites as possible. Each time Google can locate you and your business’s address, it means Google is likely to pair your address and business together at that location naturally. This is called a citation. The most successful way to get these citations is to sign up to lots of social media pages that are relevant to your niche.

1. Social Links May Not Boost Your Search Rank

Matt Cutts made a statement about Google not factoring in social signals. What exactly does this mean? Social signals mean clues about a company’s authority or rank on social media, which is different from the number of times a page has been linked to on social media.

2. Social Media Profiles Rank in Search Engines

Your social profiles do matter to Google and especially to people who are looking for you online. A few active social media profiles can make the experience of getting to know your brand online more fun, engaging and personal.

TIP: Marketers shouldn’t discount the fact that a company’s Google+ profile is one of the first things a searcher will see and potentially click on.

So it pays to have a profile with up-to-date info and engaging content.

3. Social Media Channels Are Search Engines, Too

You should expand your concept of SEO to include not just the traditional search engines but also social media search engines.

When searching for a brand on Facebook or Twitter it’s not uncommon to see several different profiles pop up, and it’s not always clear which one is the real deal. Marketers need to ensure that it’s super easy for users to identify their official social profiles.

Fresh content

Stay on top of your content game. The fact of the matter is that content marketing has become the most efficient and effective way for businesses big or small to increase their online presence. Just having a company website will not cut it any longer. This is the era of having multiple social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest) to promote your brand and its message. Keeping things updated will mean information will always stay relevant to your users. By using articles, blog posts, pictures, video, surveys, infographics, etc., your company can directly inform and engage with your audience by using content. It’s not only about getting them to buy your product but it is about leaving a lasting impression.

Content is the king message on blue background

Here are some additional statistics for you to toil with.

  • 63%of companies said posting content has increased marketing effectiveness
  • 6 out of 10 Twitter and Facebook users are more likely to recommend a brand they follow
  • Companies with blogs get 97%more inbound links
  • 67%of Twitter users will buy from a brand they follow
  • 55%of blogs on company sites result in 55% more visitors
  • 70%of customers prefer getting to know a company through articles rather than advertising

Do Not Use Paid Links!

Paid links are an incredibly gray area. What exactly is a paid link? How can Google figure out what a paid link is?

The easiest way to avoid all problems in the future with your website or receiving any penalties is not try to cut any corners. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

Google does not like paid for links and they will find you.

Matt Cutts, software engineer of Google said “The vast majority of the time things are incredibly clear: people are paying money outright for links based on PageRank, flowing the PageRank, trying to get high the rankings. Ninety-nine percent of the time it’s abundantly clear that these are links that are being bought and paid and sold and all that sort of stuff.”

It is extremely time consuming and painfully expensive to backtrack to find the errors on your website and remove them. Not to mention, during the time of penalization your site will not come up on Google searches.

So simply put, stay away from any misleading and “easy” SEO tricks. There is no easy way around SEO.

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