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Dec 20, 2015, by admin 2015: 2 Major Marketing Trends


Why is content marketing one of the two vital trends of 2015? Because it is proven to be a forefront approach in the future of marketing. What exactly is content marketing? Content marketing is any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content to acquire and retain customers.

The quality of information you send into the digital world is the most crucial now more than ever because of the mass amounts of data, that is already and will be available. Data from Cisco, a design, manufacturer, and networking equipment selling company predicts that by the year 2018, IP traffic will reach 40.5 Exabytes per month in comparison to 16.6 Exabytes per month in 2013.

That is a ton more competition than you originally expected.

The probability that your article or blog idea has been done already is definite. Not only once but rehashed several times already.

These were just some of the many content marketing predictions for 2015 stated by the leaders in digital world.

“ ‘Fat’ content will become the focus of marketers everywhere. This includes content types like white papers, videos, eBooks, infographics… – Jesse Noyes, Senior Director of Content Marketing, Kapost “

“Now is the time to have content marketers really step up and lead a centralized organization that directs, creates (or supports the creation of), and distributes content. 2015 will see the end of fractured programs and tactics. —Amanda Maksymiw, Content Marketing Manager, Lattice Engines”

“Brands will recognize the role of editor as the missing link to true content marketing effectiveness. —Sarah Mitchell, Director of Content Strategy, Lush Digital Media”

“We will see a shift from discoverability-oriented content development and distribution (SEO driven) to context-aware content. It’s a shift from utility to utility-in-the-moment. Think about how you can create and distribute content triggered by weather, location, or news events. The bar will be raised on hyper-relevance. – Julie Fleischer, Director of Data+Content+Media, Kraft Foods”

Understanding the meaning and importance of content marketing is extremely important.

Every year there is a rather large chunk of businesses that think that their content marketing efforts are in vain. According to B2B companies, only 38% thought that their efforts were effective – a drop from 42% in last year’s study.

Rather than relying solely on a basic understanding of your audience, data exists today that tells us not only what topics are driving demand, but which content types are the highest performing, what worked, what topics are trending, and how you stack up against your competitions content.

There is no reason your content should be not relevant, specific to your core target audience and be easily understood.


Who ever said email marketing is dead? Because we are huge fans of email marketing. Why? Email has proven to be long standing and its lifespan will surely continue to grow. Unlike many other social media platforms it is not expensive, not too technical, not dead and not old fashioned. Emails are affordable, simple and quick, personal and customizable, relationship focused, measurable, mobile and we do dare say, more result driven than social media! Here’s why:

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