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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Results you can count on. If each new client means thousands of dollars of revenue for your company, your website needs to rank highly for the keywords and key phrases your customers are searching for. Pink Point Media provides search engine optimization (SEO) services for businesses in highly competitive markets, on both a local and national level.

Our services begin with an evaluation of your current strategy to determine how the business is performing against its competitors.

After a thorough evaluation, Pink Point Media will work with you and your team to devise a strategy designed to help you enhance your web presence, grow your business and get results.

We offer comprehensive SEO campaigns that include competitive market analysis, strategy determination, content acquisition and modification, link acquisition, mini-sites and rank monitoring.

Pink Point Media will help create a comprehensive organic search campaign that will be help you get your message out to more people than ever before. Your website should not be a business card- it should be a marketing machine, designed to be highly visible to the people who are searching for the services you offer.


Developing a search engine optimization strategy or SEO strategy to achieve page one rankings, you need to do a razor sharp competitive analysis of the websites that are already there.

Expecting to reach page one without an accurate analysis of the competition will lead to expending time and resources in a battle you may not be able to win.

On the other hand, if you understand the competition and find the entry points that are vulnerable, a well planned SEO strategy can bring your company to page one of the search results and deliver an outstanding ROI more quickly and efficiently than you thought possible.

Competitive analysis is the first part of your strategy.

To do an effective competitive analysis, it is critical to do an in-depth keyword analysis to find out which keywords, both broad match and long tail phrases, are being searched for by your customers.

Once you have a complete understanding of which keywords are being searched and how many searches are being made, you can evaluate each term for page one vulnerability.  In other words, what are your chances of reaching page one for those phrases?

A proper competitive analysis will enable you to pick the battles you can win quickly and go after those first, and prevent you from wasting resources on keywords  you won’t be able to win without substantial time and investment.

Link Building

Your website has excellent content but it doesn’t get enough traffic. We’ve all discovered that great content alone is not enough to generate page rank; you need to have an effective link acquisition program in place. And not just any program, your link acquisition plan has got to be home grown.

Automated link building programs will not only be ineffective, they’ll get your website banned and you’ll have wasted a lot of resources starting over.

At Pink Point, we will provide an affordable, long-term link acquisition strategy you can depend on that will be effective for generating the right kind of back links to boost your site to page one.

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